• Standard: TCVN 7496-2005
  • Manufacturer: Khac Dạo – Vietnam
  • Year of manufacture: 2013

Ductilometer is used for determining the ductility of bituminous materials by measuring the elongation before breaking when two ends of briquette specimens are pulled apart at a specified speed and temperature. Besides, ductilometer can be used to determine the elasticity of modified bituminous materials, such as PMB, ATR.

Conforming to the TCVN 7496-2005, the test is performed in water at a temperature of 25±0.5°C (ASTM/AASHTO) or 25±0.2°C (EN) at a constant speed of 50 mm/min+ 5%. When the test is required to be performed at low temperature (4°C), the testing speed can be adjusted to 10 mm/min.