Dr. Vo Dai Tu

  • Doctor in Chemistry Science
  • Position: Deputy Chief of Research – Development and Testing Department; Leader of Research & Development Division.
  • Contact:Tel: (+84) 917685051Email: tuvd@bmt-group.vn; daitu3000@yahoo.com

Degree in Chemical Technology of Organic and Petrochemical substances in 2009 at the National Research Center – Irkutsk State Technical University (Russian Federation). After 2 years working as researcher – postgraduate students in the field of physical chemistry and colloidal chemistry, Dr. Vo Dai Tu has successfully defended his science thesis entitled, “The colloidal nature of minerals suspensions in East Siberia” in 2012.

Being a former assistant – lecturer of the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Research Center – Irkutsk State Technical University (Russian Federation). Currently Dr. Vo Dai Tu is working at BMT Group with leadership of the Research & Development Division.Scientific activities: Asphalt pavement Recycling in Vietnam; Research and production of anti-rutting bitumen BMT-ATR; Bitumen modification using physical chemistry methods; Colloidal nature of minerals suspensions (kaolinite, montmorillonite, muscovite, talc, etc.); Mineral micelle modification using physical chemistry methods, etc.Science publications: being the writer and co-writer of 33 science publications in Russia and Europe; co-writer with Prof. Ariadna Alexeevna of the book “Colloidal Chemistry – Course book”, published in 2012 – ISTU.

Main foreign languages: Russian, English, etc.